The Room Project

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Recycling a warehouse

This project is about an intermediate space. Not in the box, nor outside either. Somewhere in between. Exposed but yet protected. Mediterranean climate gives us the opportunity to expand this boundary and think of intermediate spaces that can be comfortable or even more comfortable than strict indoors. Laying down in the shade of a carob tree can feel better than being inside the house in summer.
The Room Project aims to transcend the architectural project and explore the relationship between space and experience. 
Thus, we present the work with its first experience: the improvisation of a classical ballet dancer.




100 m2
50.000 €
Dancer: Cloe Bolopo
«As I was dancing around the space I felt very light and comfortable, as if I was able to make any kind of movement, as if I could tuck myself in and be attached to it.». Cloe Bolopo

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