Low Energy House in Premià de Dalt

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A house designed for a couple and their daughter, who want an efficient house that leaves as much external space as possible for the cultivation of a residential orchard and garden that they intend to grow and look after themselves.

The site is significantly uneven between the street and the area where the orchard will be planted, there are sea views around its higher areas, and there is a large carob tree around the middle of the sloping site. The project focuses on the relationship between construction efficiency and a future family orchard, both exemplifying self-sufficiency and an ecological conscience.

The architecture that we propose seeks to calibrate its presence in relation to the orchard and the tree through the formal simplicity and natural appearance of its materiality in order to propitiate a type of living that values daily household activities, and the essential natural elements that together with the house that shape the place. As a result, we end up with a compact house that resolves the challenge of the existing uneven surface between the street and the site that simultaneously generates an exterior space around the central carob tree.

The communal and rather functional areas are located on the upper floor. Its location enhances the feeling of comfort and its relationship with the external environment. The upper floor spaces frame the different external elements, generating a perception of a fragmented environment. The sea, the pine forest, the olive trees and the carob tree in this way seem to invade and be present within the internal spaces of the house. The private spaces are all located on the lower ground floor, facing the garden, generating a more intimate lower level.

203,85 m2 (house) + 25,64 m2 (garage)
350.000 €

Heating demand: 12,13 kWh/(m2 a)
Cooling demand: 6,3 kWh/(m2 a)
Energy efficiency Certification: A

  • Date: 2019
  • Client: Private
  • Filed under: housing, passive house