Léonce Georges Centre in Chauffailles, France

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A multifunctional hall made of local timber that reinterprets the traditional rural Bourgogne’s architecture
Chauffailles, a village in the French Bourgogne, needs a new multifunctional community centre that will be named Léonce Georges, in memoriam of a local hero. For this purpose, the Town Hall acquires the old farm of the convent “Les sœurs de Jésus”. This old and disused construction, placed in a gentle slope opened to the fields, was practically in ruins; a deep rehabilitation and a further addition were needed in order to house the new use. The project recuperates one of these rural constructions, like granaries, barns, warehouses,: rather large shelters mainly used for storing grain or machinery normally with a single opening facing the yard. These are anonymous and simple architectures, completely utilitarian, built with a specific shape and size for better storage; the same way the materials and sources chosen are local and accessible. This is where their beauty is held: in their pure utility, in their radical symbiotic and productive relationship witch are primitive forms of sustainability.


2.370.000 €
* International Spanish Architects Awards-Young Architect Abroad, Spanish Architects Association 2013; delivered by HRH the Prince of Asturias in the Spanish Senate
* Prix National Construction en Bois «Coup de Coeur»  AMF/Pavillon Bois» Award 2013, by the Association of Mayors of France
* Selected for the FAD (Fostering Arts and Design) Awards 2014.
* Featured in: Detail, El País, etc…

  • Date: 2008-2012
  • Client: Mairie de Chauffailles
  • Filed under: facility, heritage rehabilitation