Zero Energy RM Passive House

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This single-family detached Passive House is an energy self-sufficient house; therefore a Zero Energy consumption house.

The challenge was to design an affordable ZEB (Zero Energy Building) house, with highest comfort and NO energy consumed. RM House is a very low energy demanding home (reaching Passivhaus standard) and producing the required energy from renewable sources.

The design, construction systems and materials not only focus on energy efficiency but on reducing its environmental footprint and providing and respecting biohabitability (healthcare) criteria.

118,35 m2 (house) + 60,22 (workshop) + 38 m2 (terrace)
220.000 €
14 kWh/m2 anual energy demand
0 kWh/m2 anual energy consumed


  • Date: 2014
  • Client: Private
  • Filed under: housing, passive house