2019 Selected for the FAD Awards, Fostering Arts and Design

2015 Selected for the FAD Awards, Fostering Arts and Design

2015 Nomination Prize: «European Union Prize – Mies Van der Rohe Award»

2014 Selected for the First International Catalan Exhibition, Catalan Architects Association

2013 International Spanish Architects Awards-Young Architect Abroad, Spanish Architects Association; delivered by HRH the Prince of Asturias in the Spanish Senate

2013 Finalist II Ibero-American Passivhaus Award, PEP- Spanish PassivHouse Building Association

2013 Prix National «Coup de Cœur» Construction en Bois Award, Association of Mayors of France

2013 Finalist AVS-Public Housing Awards, Public Promoters of Housing and Land

2013 Finalist “Catalonia Construction” Awards, Catalan Architects Association

2012 AJAC Award for Young Architects, Catalan Architects Association

2012 National Energy Efficiency Awards, Isover

2012 Selected for the XIII Venice Architecture Biennial

2011 Selected for the XI Spanish Architecture Biennial

2011 Selected for the FAD Awards,Fostering Arts and Design

2005 Selected for the FAD Awards,Fostering Arts and Design

2004 Selected for the Iberian-American Arch. Biennial

2004 AJAC Award for Young Architects, Catalan Architects Association

2003 Finalist of the FAD Awards, Fostering Arts and Design

Awards in Competitions

2022 Finalist: Social Housing and healthcare center in Gran Via, Barcelona

2021 1st: Renovation of an Office Building in Barcelona

2021 Finalist: Barcelona School of Nautical Studies of Barcelona (with AV62 Architects)

2021 3rd: Police Station in Mollerussa (with AV62 Architects)

2021 3rd: Integral rehabilitation of the headquarters of the Conselleria de Salut in Barcelona (with AV62 Architects)

2020 2nd: Carmen Thyssen Museum in Sant Feliu de Guíxols, Spain (with AV62 Architects)

2019 3rd: transformation and extension of an industrial warehouse into a School in Can Batlló, Barcelona (with AV62 Architects)

2019 2nd: Transfomation and rehabilitation of a building into a social services facilities in Sagradia Familia market, Barcelona (with AV62 Architects)

2019 2nd: Social Housing in Castelldefels

2019 Finalist: Social Housing in Masnou

2019 Finalist: Rehabilitation of a building to host a Community Center in Barcelona (with AV62 Architects)

2019 1st:  Rehabilitation of  Can Cadena in Barcelona, Spain (with AV62 Architects)

2018 Finalist: Urban renovation project for the Rambla del Carmel in Barcelona, Spain (with AV62 and Arquitectura Agronomía)

2018 Finalist: Library and Cultural Center in Palamós., Spain (with AV62 Architects)

2018 Finalist: Rehabilitation of a factory to host La Casa de les Lletres in Barcelona (with AV62 Architects)

2018 2nd: Urban Strategies for Integration and Accessibility in Can Peguera neigbourhood of Barcelona, Spain (with AV62 Architects)

2017 Finalist: Réalisation des études architecturales du Centre de Formation en tourisme et hôtellerie, Burkina Faso (with AV62 Architects)

2017 2nd: 76 Public Housing Units in Cornellà, Spain.(with AV62 Architects)

2015 2nd: Medical School and Health Sciences School of the University of Cyprus, Cyprus (with Miba Architects).

2015 1st: Feasibility Study of the Extension of the National Library of Catalonia in Barcelona

2013 1st: Open Pavilion in Les Glòries Square of Barcelona; City Hall of Barcelona, Spain

2013 1st: Center for Comparative Medicine and Bioimage in Badalona, Spain

2011 Finalist: UTEC Univ. New Campus in Lima; UTEC University of Perou (with L. Silva)

2010 2nd: Les Corts District Library in Barcelona, Spain

2010 Finalist: Barcelona Central Library; Ministry of Culture of Spain

2009 1st: Civic Center, Library and Theater in Begues, Spain

2008 2nd: Museum of Environment and Climate in Lleida, Spain

2008 3rd: Yacht Marina, Hotel and Sports Centre in Bydgoszcz, Poland

2008 3rd:School of Psychology of the University of Málaga, Spain

2007 1st: Léonce Georges Centre in Chauffailles, France (with G.Lafond)

2007 1st: 33 Public Housing Units in Begues, Spain

2006 1st: 191 Public Housing Units in Navalcarnero, Spain

2006 1st: Police Station in Sitges, Spain

2006 1st: 21 Public Housing Units in St Llorenç Savall, Spain

2006  1st: Pedestrian Bridge in Manresa, Spain (with Bernuz-Fernández Architects)

2005 2nd: Alcúdia High School in Mallorca, Spain

2005 Finalist: City Hall in Porqueres; City Hall of Porqueres, Spain

2003 Honorably Mentioned: Public Housing in Cartagena, Spain

2002 2nd: Acces to Caravaca de la Cruz Castle, Spain

2000 2nd: Bridge for the Henares River in Guadalajara, Spain

2000 2nd: Cultural Centre in Palamós, Spain

2000 2nd: Public Housing in Jaén, Spain

Published Books and Articles


2005 Article:»Words and cooperation». Architects Without Borders

2004 Article:»Disorder. Approximation. (…)». Catalan Architects Association

2004 Article:»Confusion», IV Ibero-American Architecture Biennial

2004 Article: «First Words», Visions. School of Architecture of Barcelona (UPC)

2004 Book: «Neruda-Rodríguez Arias. Houses for a Poet» by Pilar Calderon and Marc Folch. IBSN: 84-96185-24-9. Edited by COAC, distributed by ACTAR

2002 Article:»Conditions of Distance», Catalan Architects Association

2015 Book: «Passivhaus in warm climates» by Mary James and James Bill. Edited by Low Carbon Solutions

2014 Book: «De la Casa Pasiva al Estándar Passivhaus» by Michael Wassouf. IBSN: 978-84-252-2452-2. Edited by Gustavo Gili

Curated Exhibitions

2004 «Architect and Client: «Neruda-Rodríguez Arias»,  CAtalan Architects Association and Neruda Foundation

2001 «Contemporary Space in Chile», Catalan Architects Association

Collective Exhibitions

2019 «Import Wallonie-Bruxelles / Export Barcelona. Re-activate the city», City connectios Project. Arts Santa Mònica Centre, Barcelona

2018 «Mixed Use, Mixed Time, Mixed People», Metropolitan Area Barcelona (AMB)

2015 “Social Housing in Urban Context”, Connection Export Barcelona Project, Geneva

2015 «Spanish architecture abroad», Foundation ICO, Madrid

2015 «First International Catalan Exhibition», Catalan Architects Association, Barcelona

2014 «Grafting Architecture-Catalonia at Venice». 14th International Architecture Biennale in Venice

2013 «Social Housing in Urban Context». Mendrisio, Switzerland

2013 «Sustainable Architecture». Cemento Museum, Donosti

2012 «Contexts», XIII Venice Architecture Bienale

2010 «Cities in Transformation» Gallery Of Design, Phoenix

2008 «JAE Young Architects of Spain». Ministry of Housing, Spain

2007 «44 Young International Architects». Itinerant

2006 «Viva. Public Housing in Spain», Ministry of Housing of Spain

2006 «Scenographies Designed by Architects», Pavillon de l’Arsenal,Paris

2005 «Fad Awards 2005». Itinerant

2004 «Ideas for an Architecture», Gov. of Murcia, Spain

2004 «Catalan Culture», Institut Ramon LLull, International Fair in Mexico

2004 «Emerging Panorama», IV Iberia-American Architecture Biennial

2004 «Young Architects of Catalonia Ajac 2004». Itinerant


Since 2015 Associated Professor of the Architectural Projects Department at the ETSAB-Barcelona School of Architecture -Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya- (Pilar Calderon)

2019-2020 Part-time professor teaching Architectural Design at Study Abroad Program Barcelona-El Vallès (IASAP-BV/ Illinois School of Architecture, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (Marc Folch)

2011-2015 Co direction of the Postgraduate Diploma in Scenographyc Design at Elisava-School of Design and Engineering of Barcelona-University Pompeu Fabra (Pilar Calderon)

2012 Conception of the Master Desgree in Scenografic Design -Elisava, UPF- (Pilar calderon)

2013-14 Guest lecturer. Masters Sustainable Architecture and Energy Efficiency (MASEE). La Salle BCN- University Ramon Lllull (Marc Folch)

2012-14 Guest lecturer. Architecture and Sustainability. Research Unit of Polithecnic University of Catalonia (Marc Folch)

2012-14 Studio Professors of «Introduction to the Project», Sustainable Housing Laboratory of the 21st Century-Polithecnic University of Catalonia (Pilar Calderon, Marc Folch)

2012-14 Professors of «Design Philosophy» for students of the universities of Texas A&M and Clemson -Barcelona Architecture Center (Pilar Calderon, Marc Folch)

2007 Second Year Studio Professor of Architecture-International University of Catalonia (Pilar Calderon, Marc Folch)

2007 Coordination of the academic curriculum for the Second-Year-Students of Architecture at Esarq -International University of Catalonia (Pilar Calderon)

2004-08 Direction of the Exhibition Curation & Design Studio of the Master in Design and Exhibition Project Management held jointly by the Elisava-School of Design and Engineering of Barcelona and the Centre of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona (Pilar Calderon, Marc Folch)

Main Lectures

2015 «Place, raw material». Nordic Masters Lectures Series. Etsab-School of Architecture of Barcelona- UPC (Pilar Calderon)

2014 «Aviron et Iglous- La Matérialité dans l’Architecture Contemporaine». NovembreTalks 2014 Lecture Series École Nationale d’Architecture de Belleville-Paris. (Pilar Calderon)

2014 » Ethimology of the Space». Grafting Architecture Lecture Series. Tarragona Architects Association (Pilar Calderon)

2014 «Measuring the Intangible». World sustainable Building Congress SBW14. Barcelona (Marc Folch)

2014 «Housing & City». Third Year Projects ETSAB -Escola Tècnica Superior d’Arquitectura de Barcelona, UPC (Marc Folch)

2013 «Centre Léonce Georges». Young Spanish Architects Lecture Series. Museo Nacional Soares dos Reis, Porto; Portugal (Pilar Calderon)


Main projects

2022 Renovation of an Office Building in Barcelona, Spain

2022 5 Housing Units in Barcelona, Spain

2022 Renovation and Extension of a Hotel in Menorca, Spain

2022 Renovation of a House under the Passive House standar in Barcelona, Spain

2022 Renovation of a House under the Passive House standar in Calella, Spain

2022 Passive House in Valldoreix, Spain

2022 Low Energy House in Vallvidrera, Spain

2022 Low Energy House in Matadepera, Spain

2022 Low Energy House in Castelldefels, Spain

2020 Renovation of Can Ruti Hospital Pharmacology Unit

2020 The Room Project, Spain

2019 Low Energy House in Premià de Dalt, Spain

2019 100% Naturally Drained,Spain

2019 Low Energy MM House in Cabrils, Spain

2018 Passive House in Argentona , Spain

2018 Centre for Comparative Medicine and Bioimage; Badalona, Spain (Selected for the FAD Awards 2019)

2015 Renovation of La Capella- Contemporary Arts Center of Barcelona, Spain

2015 Elderly Care Centre in Las Palas; Cartagena, Spain

2014 Open Pavilion for the Glories Square; Barcelona, Spain

2014 Zero Energy RM Passive House; Llavaneres, Spain

2014 El Roure Community Centre and La Ginesta Library; Begues, Spain
(Selected for the FAD Awards 2015; Nominated to European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture – Mies van der Rohe Award 2015)

2012 Low Energy MZ House; Barcelona, Spain
(the First Spanish Rehabilitated Building with a Passive House Standard; The Best of Awards 2013 Dublin, ISOVER Energy Efficiency Award 2012; AJAC Young Architects Award 2012, Finalist of the II Iberoamerican Passive House Contest by PEP-Plataforma Edificació Passivhaus; Considered «One of the Most Remarkable Energy Efficiency Renovation Projects in Europe» 2013 by Isover)

2012 Cultural Centre Léonce-Georges; Chauffailles, France
(International Spanish Architects Awards-Young Architect Abroad, Spanish Architects Association 2013; delivered by HRH the Prince of Asturias in the Spanish Senate; Prix National Construction in Bois «Coup de Coeur»  AMF/Pavillon Bois» Award 2013 by the Association of Mayors of France; Selected for the FAD Awards 2014; Finalist of Premi Catalunya Cosntrucció Awards 2013)

2010 33 Public Housing Units; Begues, Spain
(Finalist AVS-Public Housing Awards,Public Promoters of Housing and Land 2013)

2010 21 Public Housing Units; St. Llorenç Savall, Spain
(Special Mention Award AVS-Catalunya by Promotors Públics de Sòl i Habitatge, Selected for the FAD Awards 2011, Featured in the XI Spanish Architecture Biennale)

2010 Pedestrian bridge; Manresa, Spain
(Featued in the 8th International Biennial of Landscape Architecture 2014)

2008 191 Public housing units; Navalcarnero, Spain
(1st Prize in open international competition Energy Efficiency Qualification: A, Featured in ‘Proyecto Viva’ Exhibition 2006)

2007 Scenography for Crystal Music by VDO in MACBA; Barcelona, Spain

2006 Police Station; Sitges, Spain

2004 Exhibition Design “Houses for a poet”; mobile exhibition; COAC – Catalan Architects Association
(Featured in the «Scénographies d’Architectes» Exhibition, Pavillon de l’Arsenal, Paris 2005)

2004 Fire Station; Prats del Lluçanès, Spain

2004 13 Housing Units; La Bisbal, Spain

2003 Los Victorias House; Cartagena, Spain
(Selected for the FAD Awards 2005)

2003 Room for a plenary in the Contemporary Cultural Center of Barcelona, Spain

2001 Exhibition Design “Conditions of Distance”; Barcelona, Spain
(Finalist of the FAD Awards 2003)

2001 Caldereria Petita; Gelida, Spain
(Young Architects Award AJAC 2004, Selected for the 14th International Architecture Biennale di Venezia 2014, Featured in the Exhibition ‘Grafting Architecture’ by Institute Ramon Llull and V Ibero-American Architecture Biennale in Peru 2004, the Exhibition ’44 Young Architects’ 2007, the Exhibition ‘Young Spanish Architects’  2008)


2020 Collaboration in the Design of Afghan National Museum’s New Building Project headed by AV62 Arquitectos. Pilar Calderon and Marc Folch leaded the technical coordination of the Project signed by Toño Foraster.