Passive House in Argentona

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The project is about overcoming the challenge of designing a compact passive house and a small workshop on a rather narrow site.

The future inhabitants of the house want a fast and energy efficient execution process, a comfortable interior space with a cold and rational exterior, and a design that considers the life-cycle of the house. The clients have a clear taste for a particular compositional typology, an economy of means and order, we interpret their requirements as a yearning for harmony or a certain poetic approach to the idea of housing as a second skin.

This project is an exploration of the domestic interior environment and its essential qualities in relation to the external. Thus, in addition to solving the technical aspects derived from the need for an efficient and economical construction, the project seeks to generate those spatial qualities capable of providing a warm and comfortable domestic environment and a balanced outdoor atmosphere.

We worked with parallelepiped volumes and simple industrial materials to achieve our goal. Two volumes were placed on site, separated by a rectangular outer space to make the most out of the plot area. One volume contains a compact house and the other a small workshop. The proportion of the void between the two, as well as the materiality and color of the volumes, seek to allow for the intermediate outer space to stand out, accentuating the closeness between the volumes and providing a sense of privacy, recollection, intimacy. The internal facades, supported by a light-weight wooden frame structure, seem to be faces sensitive to light that subtly reflect the hue of the sky, the shadows of the surroundings, or the interior of the surface texture of its translucent polycarbonate finish.

The interior consists of cubic spaces of OSB structural panels that organize the functional program of the house, placing the day areas on the ground floor and the night areas on the first floor. The materiality, proportions of the different spaces and the location of openings favor a perception of the house as an intimate, quiet and comfortable place.
The house has been modeled, built and verified following the requirements of the energy demand, air tightness and control of thermal points of the Passive House standard. The result is 100% certifiable.

137 m2 (house) + 37,5 m2 (workshop)
200.000 €

Heating demand: 8 kWh/(m2 a)
Cooling demand: 6 kWh/(m2 a)
Tightness: 0,54 h-1 (Blower Door)
Energy efficiency Certification: A

  • Date: 2018
  • Client: Private
  • Filed under: housing, passive house