Passive, nearly Zero-Energy Building and Zero Impact Building


We are experienced nearly Zero-Energy Building and Passive House Designers. Our designs have high energy efficiency performance and minimum ecological footprint.

Sustainability: The architecture is based on a deep understanding and connexion with the environment. The goal is the build spaces with the highest comfort and the minimum (or zero) dependency on extra energy (heating, cooling, etc.). If possible, we use bio-construction solutions in order to reduce the ecological footprint.

Saving: The energy demands of a passive house are so low that the savings in energy consumption might be as much as 90% less than a conventional building.

Quality: From the very first day, the final user knows, controls and have the guarantee of the energy consumption of his house. In the design stage, the project is modelled with specific software, during the construction, a rigorous on-site supervision is carried out and, when finished, the airtightness is measured with the blower door test. During the 3 first years, the interior conditions (air quality, temperature and humidity) are monitored.

Health and comfort: The well-being of the user is in the centre of our projects. Thanks to the high insulation and an airtight construction, an extraordinary interior silence is achieved as well as the best thermal conditions (constant and homogenous temperature without unpleasant draughts). Interior temperature remains at comfort range both at night and day and all through the year. The quality of the air is guaranteed by a mechanical ventilation system with a highly efficient heat recovery controlled by CO₂ probes.