CALDERON-FOLCH STUDIO is an Architecture firm based in Barcelona and founded in 2000. Our focus is to contribute to a social and environamental transformation trought a conscious architecture, improving people’s quality of life and offering an optimal solution for the client’s requirements and for the collective interest. Our projects are the creative synthesis of a close look to the nature of each context and a meticulous, critical and analytical research into the complexity of technical and functional specific factors. We love to work with creative people, providing integral services of Architecture: Building, Urban Design, Landscape Design, Interior Design and Ephemeral Staging; both in public and private field.

We are experienced nearly Zero-Energy Building (nZEB), Zero Impact Building (ZIB) and Passive House Designers. Our designs have high energy efficiency performance and minimum ecological footprint, through an efficient production management and an exhaustive economic control.

We have been awarded with the International Spanish Architects Awards-Young Architect Abroad by the CSCAE-Spanish Architects Association, with the “Prix National Construction en Bois-Coup de Coeur” Award by the “Association des Maires de France”, in 2012 with the National Energy Efficiency Awards in Spain by Isover, and in 2004 and 2012 with the AJAC Award for Young Architects by the Catalan Architects Association. Nominated to the European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture-Mies van der Rohe 2015.

PILAR CALDERON, co-founder and principal.

Barcelona, 1975. Master in Architecture (EtsaB -School of Architecture of Barcelona- Polythechnic University of Catalonia). She completed her studies in the School of Architecture, Design and Urban Studies of the UC in Santiago of Chile and participated in the program for the elimination of poverty “Servicio País” in the Chilean Patagonia. Awarded with the Ajac prize for Young Architects in 2004 and 2012 by the Catalan Architects Association and with the International Spanish Architecture (Young Architect Abroad) by the Spanish Architects Association. She conceived and directed the Postgraduate Diploma and Master Degree in Set Design (School of Design and Engineering of Barcelona -Pompeu Fabra University-, 2011-2015). Since 2015 she is an Associated Professor at the Architectural Projects Department of the ETSAB (UPC) and a member of the jury of the Final Thesis since 2018. She is co-author with Marc Folch of the book “Neruda-Rodríguez Arias. Houses for a poet”.

MARC FOLCH, co-founder and principal.

Barcelona, 1975. Master in Architecture (EtsaB -School of Architeture of Barcelona- Polythechnic University of Catalonia). He completed his studies in the Lund Teknisker Högskolan of the Lunds Universitet of Sweeden and he participated in the research project “Space for living- living in space” with NASA’s Terrestrial Research Studio (Star) in Houston – United States. Awarded with the Ajac prize for Young Architects in 2004 and 2012 by the Catalan Architects Association and with the International Spanish Architecture (Young Architect Abroad) by the Spanish Architects Association. He is currently involved as a professor in many Master Degrees of Architecture and Sustainabilty in several Universities. He is co-author with Pilar Calderon of the book “Neruda-Rodríguez Arias. Houses for a poet”.He is part-time professor teaching Architectural Design at Study Abroad Program Barcelona-El Vallès (IASAP-BV/ Illinois School of Architecture, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

Project leaders, assistants and associated since 2000

On board

NEREA MARTÍNEZ. Barcelona, 1992. Master in Architecture (EtsaB- School of Architecture of Barcelona – Polythechnic University of Catalonia, Spain). She completed her studies at the Illinois Institute of Technology, in Chicago, and then worked there at Morris Architects Planners. Project leader at Calderon-Folch Studio since November 2018. 

BELÉN RODRÍGUEZ. Tenerife, 1992. Master in Architecture (EstaB – School of Architecture of Barcelona – Polytechnic University of Catalonia, Spain). After finishing her studies she went to London, where she worked in Claudio Silvestrin Architects. She is currently studying a Master degree in architectural structures engineering. 

FÁTIMA DIZ. Vigo, 1993. Master in Architecture (EstaV – School of Architecture of El Vallès – Polytechnic University of Catalonia, Spain). 

ALBA MONCAU. Barcelona, 1999. Bachelor of Design, Majoring in Architecture (University of Melbourne, Australia). 

Project assistants since 2000

Nuno Almeida, architect (POR)
Anna Altemir, architect (ESP)
Alba Armengol, architect (ESP)
Linda Arduini, architect (ITA)
Mervé Akdogan, arch. student (TUR)
Roger Badia, arch. student (ESP)
Arnau Balcells, architect (ESP)
Teresa Baldó, architet (ESP)
Ingrid Bernal, architect (ESP)
Alice Berthelon, architect (FRA)
Bàrbara Blanch, arch.student (ESP)
Gabriel Bozuelos, architect (GRE)
Julián Canellada, architect (ARG)
Laia Capellades, architect (ESP)
Daniel Capito, architect (GER)
Mattia Cassolli, architect (ITA)
Julia Chabrera, architect (ESP)
Constanza Chara, architect (ARG)
Elena Codina-Dusoiu, architect (ROU)
Isabel Correa, architect (COL)
Elena Cruz, design student (CHI)
Josep Carrera, archhitect (ESP)
Thuany Danielli, architect (BRA)
Lisa Dargies, arch. student (GER)
Cecilia De Marinis, arch. student (ITA)
Lucía De Val, architect (ESP)[/one_third]

Kate Moore, architect (AUS)
Giulia Nota, architect (ITA)
Federico Ortiz, architect (COL)
Carmen Otero, arch. student (ESP)
Iro Papagiannopoulou, architect (GRE)
Aida Pérez, arch. student (ESP)
David Pérez, arch. student (ESP)
Adriana Porta, arch. student (ESP)
Matteo Pulcinelli, architect (ITA)
Maria Pujol, architect (ESP)
Àlex Real, arch. student (ESP)
María Ríos, architect (ESP)
Pere Raventós, student (ESP)
Rubén Rodríguez, architect (ESP)
Edgar Sanjuán, designer (ESP)
Pol Sarsanedas, arch (ESP)
Gemma Serra, architect (ESP)
Alberto Scala, architect (ITA)
Manuela Schininá, architect (ITA)
Freek Schotte, architect (ZA)
Janek Strzykala, architect (POL)
Anne Szloser, architect (POL)
Monika Szymaniak, architect (POL)
Kristina Sutkute, arch. student (POL)
Leonor Toro, arch. student (ESP)
Roger Tremoleda, architect (ESP)
Gianpaolo Vacca, architect (ITA)
Pilvi Vanamo, arch. student (FIN)
Ana Vidal, architect (ESP)
Situ Ya, architect (CHN)
Caroline Yu, architect (USA)
Luca Zanon, architect (ITA)

Associated Architects

Ignasi Arbeloa: Co-author of:  “21 Public Housing Units in St. Llorenç Savall”, “Sitges Police Station”, “El Roure Community Centre and La Ginesta Library”.

AV62 Architects: Co-author of: “Rehabilitation and Extention of Can Cadena in Barcelona. 

Bernuz-Fernández Arquitectes: Co-author of: “Pedestrian Bridge in Manresa”

Gérald Lafond: Co-author of: “Centre Léonce Georges”.

Pol Sarsanedas: Co-author of: “Centre for Comparative Medicine and Bioimage”, “Zero Energy RM Passive House”, “La Capella Contemporary Arts Centre”, “Open Pavilion in Les Glòries Square”, “Elderly Care Centre in Cartagena” and “Exhibition Board Cloud of Ideas” .


Adrià Goula: “Pedestrian Bridge in Manresa (main)”,”Open Pavilion in Les Glòries Square”.
José Hevia: “Centre for Comparative Medicine and Bioimage”,”Passive House in Argentona”, “Low Energy House in Cabrils”, “100% naturally drained”. 
Lourdes Jansana: “33 Public Housing Units in Begues”. 
Pol Viladoms: “Zero energy RM House”, “El Roure community centre and La Ginesta Library”, “Low Energy MZ House” (exterior), “Centre Léonce Georges”, “La Capella Arts Centre”, “Pedestrian Bridge in Manresa”


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