Passive House in Argentona

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It is about solving a compact passive house and a small workshop on a plot of dimensions rather narrow.

To the requirements of execution speed and energy efficiency, the people who will live there add another: they want a comfortable house with a cold and rational exterior appearance and its low maintenance.

Beyond a taste for a particular compositional typology, an economy of means and a taste for order, we interpret that requirement as a yearning for harmony or a certain poetic approach to the idea of ​​housing as a second skin.

This project is an exploration of the domestic interior environment and its essential qualities in relation to the external.

137 m2 (house) + 37,5 m2 (workshop)
200.000 €

Heating demand: 8 kW · h / m2 year
Cooling demand: 6 kW · h / m2 year
Tightness: 0,54 h-1 (Blower Door)

  • Date: 2018
  • Client: Private
  • Filed under: building